Battery Network IS The Ultimate List of International Battery Companies and Battery Manufacturers

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The economic value is evident: the markets will have an estimated annual value of up to multiple hundreds of billions by 2030 in each region of the world. By combining global cutting-edge competences, networking, financial strength and a cross-industrial and cross-disciplinary approach, a competitive and sustainable production capacity is within that what we will reach.

Many industrial development programs are on the way. The International Battery Network is just of many other partner networks of us. Thanks to its experience in supporting battery and storage innovations all over the world we get more partners every week.

The international Battery network took the lead in the idea, bringing together more than 60 Asian, European US stakeholders representing the entire battery community and industry. The result was multiple meetings to set up an efficient International battery Network and to capture a significant part of the rapidly expanding global battery market supply chain and scientific community. Ask us for more information.



The Networking forms the basis for defining more concrete and focused future cross-regional projects. Since the first meetings the network has grown into an open ecosystem of many stakeholders continuously collaborating to build a strong and focused battery industry, community, and developments.

Global Battery Network: International-Battery-Network IBN
Battery Network IBN is a List for Battery manufacturer and battery companies

battery network ibn: The Categories of Battery Companies and Battery Manufacturers

The international battery network IBN provides the best list of battery companies and battery manufacturers giving you an overview of all  important companies worldwide

Note that we do not list shopping companies such as local car battery sellers. Our lists are for B2B only and industry customers.

However, the list might be interesting to learn something for anybody. For listing, your company or organization, please email us

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